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You Are Ready To Change

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You have struggled for a long time. You keep going, but feel exhausted. You have set goals, but feel stuck. You have contemplated seeking help, but put it off. [...]

On Dating A Narcissist – Aditi Verma, LMHC

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Our team member Aditi Verma, LMHC is quoted in the article and video below. Read, watch and send your comments. https://www.bustle.com/articles/199963-why-do-we-date-jerks-3-big-reasons-why-were-drawn-to-narcissists

Only in New York – “Hit Me With Music”

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"...one good thing about music when it hits you feel no pain..."- Bob Marley While walking to the train a few weeks ago, blaring from one car, [...]

‘Sticks and Stones’ by Dr. Michelle Wiltshire

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That little rhyme ‘sticks and stones’ was probably devised by denial and sustained by hopefulness. In reality if your partner said, "You're stupid and your opinion doesn't [...]

Love Beyond the Hype by Dr. Michelle Wiltshire

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Loving your partner is an obvious component of a happy marriage. Liking your partner beyond the hype of engagement stories, marriage plans, and the novelty of a [...]

Monday Motivation

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As we leave the weekend behind, we find a new opportunity to focus. Focus on our goals, our dreams and all the small steps we plan to [...]

It’s Fall Again…

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And two days later it's fall again. It's back to the wardrobe to get those layers for the change in weather. While not as quick, emotional and [...]

On Shortcuts

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"...the shortcut is the long way..." Seth Godin Many of our patients come to us with a sense of being "stuck". We work hard to help you [...]

Summer in October

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It's summer in October. Just listened to Marketing guru Seth Godin on Marie Forleo TV. Nugget of wisdom - focus on being important to one person, then [...]

Coping With Violence

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As we all struggle to cope with the brutal violence and murder of African-American men in Louisiana and Minnesota by police officers and the murder of police [...]

Fighting Stigma

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In an effort to advocate for those suffering and struggling with mental illness, we were invited to contribute a mental health column on the website of the [...]

On Erasing the Stigma of Therapy


We are at the end of National Mental Health Month. Let's work together to erase the stigma of seeking help, psychotherapy, therapy, counseling.

On Mentorship


A few months ago I was asked to join a discussion about a recent study that suggested that subtle and overt bias place women in leadership positions [...]

4 Ways to Keep Your Motivation Engines Running


It has been an especially difficult winter for us here in New York but wherever you are like most of us you are probably struggling to maintain [...]

Small Steps for Big Wins in 2015

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Did you know that only 8% of people achieve their new year’s resolutions and that most people give up  as early as one month after they have [...]

Find Your Motivation

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“Success” is a word that is frequently mentioned when people try to define the American dream. But defining success is itself a difficult and illusory thing to [...]

Little Changes Add Up BIG!

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Think you can walk for 15 minutes? Then you can walk a mile, because it takes about that long to stroll that distance. Which means in an [...]