Be Grateful: 7 Ways to Add Gratitude to Your Life

It can be easy to get weighed down with stress and worry. Before you know it, your life can seem a bit…gray. Chance are good, though, that your life might not quite be as horrible as it feels sometimes. It’s a matter of getting a bit of perspective. Gratitude can help you do that. Keep [...]

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Can’t Afford Therapy? 4 Things You Need to Know

Your new boss is hounding you and it’s really starting to affect you. You aren’t sleeping well. You’re feeling stressed all the time. And the bags under your eyes are starting to look more like a set of luggage. Or maybe you’re going through a breakup (or are stuck in a bad relationship) and you’re [...]

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You Are Ready To Change

You have struggled for a long time. You keep going, but feel exhausted. You have set goals, but feel stuck. You have contemplated seeking help, but put it off. We understand your hesitation to reach out. You know you can be more productive, effective and satisfied with life. We are experts in reducing anxiety, worry and panic. We teach you [...]

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Only in New York – “Hit Me With Music”

" good thing about music when it hits you feel no pain..."- Bob Marley While walking to the train a few weeks ago, blaring from one car, rap music, from another Indian pop music. Two blocks later a man is singing a lovely tune with no accompaniment, in Arabic, yep I asked him. Such a [...]

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‘Sticks and Stones’ by Dr. Michelle Wiltshire

That little rhyme ‘sticks and stones’ was probably devised by denial and sustained by hopefulness. In reality if your partner said, "You're stupid and your opinion doesn't matter" then chances are you'll feel hurt. These types of words are direct and overtly inappropriate. However, it is more subtle forms of communication that can be equally [...]

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Love Beyond the Hype by Dr. Michelle Wiltshire

Loving your partner is an obvious component of a happy marriage. Liking your partner beyond the hype of engagement stories, marriage plans, and the novelty of a new life together is a less obvious component for many couples. After the glitter settles and the wedding gifts stop arriving, you're left with two people having to [...]

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Monday Motivation

As we leave the weekend behind, we find a new opportunity to focus. Focus on our goals, our dreams and all the small steps we plan to take to meet them. Monday motivation, #stigmafighters, let's renew our focus on change, growth and healing, with help and support we can do this!

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It’s Fall Again…

And two days later it's fall again. It's back to the wardrobe to get those layers for the change in weather. While not as quick, emotional and behavioral change follows a similar principle, a change in environment forces us to assess our resources, take a risk to pick one of the options available to us [...]

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On Shortcuts

"...the shortcut is the long way..." Seth Godin Many of our patients come to us with a sense of being "stuck". We work hard to help you increase flexibility in your thoughts, emotions and behavior. We believe in your capacity to Change, Heal and Grow. It's challenging but rewarding work. Let's keep moving #stigmafighters

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