It has been an especially difficult winter for us here in New York but wherever you are like most of us you are probably struggling to maintain that New Year’s resolution or like some you have stopped altogether.
Here are 4 ways to fire up your motivation

1. Start and Start Again
Research has consistently shown that when we start a task we are much more likely to complete that task so yes get back to the start line and start again.

2. Review Your Goal
Review whether your goal is sufficiently meaningful to YOU. Success is more likely if there is a personal purpose or meaningful reason for pursuing your goal. What is the big picture?

3. Be kind To Yourself Always
Are you watching your self-talk? Are you using statements like “I am a failure” “I am lazy”? What you have done so far is most definitely good enough, so how far have you gotten? How much more do you have left to complete the task? Approach and speak to yourself with the same kindness and concern you would show to a friend.

4. Yes Get back To Meditating 10 Minutes a Day
For many years I worked in research labs, what I discovered about myself is that when it comes to work what I love more than anything else is applying what I learn in the research lab to my everyday clinical work so I left research to do clinical work full-time. What we are learning in the lab about meditation is that it works to increase focus and attention and reduce tension, fatigue and anxiety. It is a gift that keeps on giving. Give yourself this gift everyday, it is what you deserve.

To your health and well-being.

Now Get started.