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5 Ways to Enjoy Self-Care Again

Mary Olivia Verhulst Self-care is trending. Everyday there’s a new “change your life” technique involving organic face masks, bath salts, or a massage. In fact, it has become so trendy, it’s integrated itself into everyday conversation, and standard morning and evening routines for so many individuals. This is a great thing, ideally- but people are [...]


5 Steps to Eliminate the ‘Should’s’

By Mary Olivia Verhulst Have you found yourself thinking, “I should have a job already, I can’t believe it’s taking this long,” or “Everyone else around me has a partner. I should have found someone by now” or “I should be able to get on a plane without being afraid.”? In the world of psychology and [...]


5 Ways to Set Boundaries in Relationships

By Mary Olivia Verhulst What are Boundaries The concept of ‘setting boundaries’ seems controversial for many- but it is essential for all. Often when setting boundaries with a loved one, this conversation with friends or patients can be greeted with a sense of burden or fear. This makes boundary setting feel impossible - to take [...]


5 Ways to Improve Communication in Relationships

By Dr. Sweta Venkataramanan Communication in a relationship is essential. It can make or break the relationship, and yet, we’ve all been guilty of engaging in negative communication behaviors. Who can say they’ve never raised their voice at a partner? Or refused to speak at all when they’re feeling frustrated? Disagreements will happen no matter [...]


6 Tips to Fight Sunday Anxiety

By Dr. Sweta Venkataramanan It’s the weekend. You’ve just enjoyed a great Friday and Saturday, and you find yourself laying in bed Sunday evening with anxiety in the pit of your stomach. Sound familiar? It’s Sunday Anxiety. According to a survey conducted by Monster, nearly 80% of Americans report having “really bad” Sunday night anxiety. [...]


Know Before You Go: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy versus Psychodynamic Therapy

By Dr. Sweta Venkataramanan When starting your journey into therapy, think about what goals you have for therapy. What do you want to change? What do you want to accept in your life? What behavior or thought process do you want to alter? Once you’ve identified the reasons for seeking treatment, it’s time to find [...]


Top 5 Reasons to Try Therapy

1. You will feel better physically and emotionally. Depression and anxiety, the two most common mental health disorders, often have crippling physical effects. This is because psychological pain often triggers physical symptoms - fatigue, muscle aches, shortness of breath, lowered immune system response, migraines, heart palpitations, and insomnia (to name a few). Going to successful [...]


The Beginner’s Guide To Therapy

By Dr. Sweta Venkataramanan Based on data collected by the National Institute of Mental Health in 2016, nearly one in five adults (44.7 million) lives with a mental health related condition in the United States. These Americans need help dealing with problems and regulating emotions that feel beyond the scope of their control - losing [...]


30 Ways to Increase Productivity and Decrease Burnout

30 Ways to Increase Productivity and Decrease Burnout For most people, self-care comes at a time when they feel overworked and overwhelmed. However, self-care is most helpful when it’s incorporated into your daily routine. When you’re able to take good care of your mind, body, and soul, you will feel more prepared to face challenges [...]

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