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Self-Care Isn’t Selfish – 6 Steps to Self-Care

By Dr. Sweta Venkataramanan Too often, we put taking care of ourselves on the back-burner and focus on the needs of others. Ever notice how taking care of others means you’re generous, helpful, giving, thoughtful...but doing something for yourself is labeled selfish? Here’s the thing - self care isn’t selfish. Self care is essential for [...]


Three Tips for Living Mindfully

By Dr. Sweta Venkataramanan What is mindfulness? Mindfulness means paying attention to the here and now, to the present moment, and not getting carried away by your inner thoughts. Mindfulness makes you experience the world with curiosity and openness and helps bring you back when your attention starts to wander. Being mindful, being more conscious [...]


Want To Increase Positivity? Practice Gratitude

By Dr. Sweta Venkataramanan When you’re going through a stressful time in your life do you often imagine the worst-case scenario, or do you try and stay positive? Research shows you might be better off staying optimistic and building positivity in your life even when times are tough – for the sake of your physical [...]


Don’t Let Singles Awareness Day Get You: 4 Ways to Not Be S.A.D.

The ink was still drying on your New Year’s resolutions when the first swath of red hit your local retailer. It left a bloody trail through the store, from the card aisle to the candy section, even to housewares. Valentine’s Day marketing had begun. If you’re not single, the so-called holiday is fraught with all [...]


Motivation: It’s an Inside Job But How Does It Really Work?

In our first post, we looked at motivation and how it may or may not be helpful to keeping your NYE’s so-well-intentioned resolutions. But what is motivation, really? Can you buy it? Can you drink it? Can you exercise it into existence? (hint: not likely). So what is it exactly and how much of it [...]


New Year’s Resolutions and Motivation: Not Quite Like PB&J

In January, we always see tons of things that talk about motivation. Why? Because way back in December, we were possessed by the idea of resolutions for the new year. Maybe it was getting a new job, maybe it was exercise, maybe it was improving your relationships. Whatever you resolved to do, you really did [...]


4 Ways to Put the Fun Back in Dysfunctional Holiday Gatherings

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go! But if that idea fills you with dread or anxiety, it doesn’t exactly make you look forward to the holidays. Keep reading for strategies for navigating the holidays with family successfully and more important, sanely. What Came Before Before we dive into the [...]


Holidays Suck? 7 Ways to Cope That Aren’t Wine

We all know that “every kiss begins with Kay” and that everyone should have a significant other to spend the holiday wrapped up in a blanket with. Or at least that’s what commercials and possibly our families want us to believe. If that’s not where your life is at right now, don’t give in to [...]


5 Benefits of Getting Therapy Without Insurance You Need to Know

You’ve been struggling with issues lately and things don’t seem to be getting better. They say when “it rains, it pours”, but it isn’t simply a cliche: it describes your life! There might be different reasons you’re not pursuing therapy, even though you feel like it could help. But if your choice has come down [...]


Be Grateful: 7 Ways to Add Gratitude to Your Life

It can be easy to get weighed down with stress and worry. Before you know it, your life can seem a bit…gray. Chance are good, though, that your life might not quite be as horrible as it feels sometimes. It’s a matter of getting a bit of perspective. Gratitude can help you do that. Keep [...]

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