We’re licensed therapists who will help you
deal skillfully with whatever life throws
your way so you create the future you desire.

Anxiety and Trauma

But when you’re in the
grip of anxiety and

It can be difficult to reach
out to a stranger for
understanding, counsel
and support, so you keep
putting it off, hoping
things will improve.

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When anxiety and
trauma run your life,
they can ruin your life.

Anxiety and trauma hold
a lot of people back.
They stand in your way
of making progress, keep
you stuck and living
small and leave you
unable to move your life

Get Relief
Unhappy Woman

We get it. Asking for
help is hard.

That’s why we have 19
therapists and provide you
with a free consult. We’ll ask
what you need and then
match you up with the best
therapist to help you.

While we all have advanced
degrees, we know a clear,
supportive relationship with
a therapist who gets you is
vital for your success.

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We’ll help you navigate:

  • Anxiety

  • Panic Attacks

  • Trauma & PTSD

  • Alcohol Misuse

  • Depression

So you can enjoy:

  • Relief

  • Hope

  • Confidence

  • Success

  • Relationships

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5 steps to get life back on track

1. Schedule your consult

2. Find out your options

3. Select what’s best for you.

4. Learn tools and strategies that put you back in control.

5. Live your amazing life.

Woman on couch
Girl in Garden

I had a panic attack at work
that really shook my confidence.
I wasn’t earning what I deserved,
yet I was afraid to ask for a raise.
After working with my therapist,
in four months I went from earning
$100,000/yr to $160,000.

My therapist was so helpful.
She taught me real strategies
that I use every day to feel more
confident and in control of my life.
I’m a much happier person these days.

Get Relief
Get Relief

Not sure therapy is for you?

What to expect in therapy….
and why you shouldn’t
put it off anymore.

You deserve to live a calm, confident & successful life.
Talking for Wellness can help.

  • Have the courage to ask to have your needs met

  • Feel more hopeful about life in general

  • Have strategies for dealing with panic and anxiety that comes up

  • Enjoy deep, meaningful relationships

  • Feel great about a purposeful, meaningful career

  • Earn what you know you deserve