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We envision a community and world free of the stigma against mental health and wellness. We help young professionals get back to being productive after struggling with anxiety, panic, depression, trauma or alcohol misuse. Call to schedule a 15 minute phone consultation. Click HERE to schedule.

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Woman meditatingPANIC AND ANXIETY

Do you find that anxiety is taking over your life? Is it hard to control your anxiety no matter how much you try? Have you tried therapy already but found it ineffective? We can help. We specialize in treating anxiety with an action-oriented approach. You deserve to get relief from your anxiety. We are experts in treating problems with anxiety.

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Woman meditating outdoorsTRAUMA AND PTSD

If you have suffered a sudden loss, witnessed violence or survived childhood physical, verbal, sexual, emotional abuse or intimate partner violence then you may experience symptoms of postttraumatic stress or PTSD. You may experience low confidence and difficulties developing trust and intimacy. You may experience a chronic sense of shame, self-doubt and guilt.

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Woman meditating at the beachDEPRESSION

You are not alone. Depression can be treated. When someone is suffering from depression it is not always obvious. Due to stigma, shame and discrimination many people hide how they are feeling from friends, family and doctors. You may be suffering from depression if you are experiencing persistent sadness; loss of pleasure in things you usually enjoyed; feelings of guilt, worthlessness or helplessness; increased irritability, restlessness or fatigue; difficulty concentrating or making decisions; increased problems with sleep or appetite; aches or other physical pain that do not go away with treatment; or frequent thoughts of death, dying or suicide. When five or more of these are affecting your functioning at work, school or relationships, seeking help is critical.

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Psychotherapist helping young people with additions on group sessionsALCOHOL MISUSE

Alcohol misuse includes risky/hazardous and harmful drinking, which places individuals at risk for future problems. The United States Preventive Services Task Force defines risky or hazardous drinking as: for women: more than 7 drinks per week, or more than 3 drinks per occasion; and for men: more than 14 drinks per week, or more than 4 drinks per occasion. If you are misusing alcohol, we can evaluate if moderation is right for you and if so, we can teach you skills to manage your alcohol use in a way that does not negatively interfere with your functioning. If moderation is not right for you we can help you find resources to achieve and maintain abstinence from alcohol.

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