We provide HIPAA-compliant, individual therapy via secure video services. This is a flexible convenient option and is available to all New York State residents. Services are referred to as online therapy, telehealth or telepsychology. Connection is quick and easy. You will need a web camera and high speed internet. The video platform service we use is secure, encrypted and HIPPA compliant ensuring that privacy and confidentiality are maintained. This is an option for new, as well as existing clients.  

Why Teletherapy?

According to the 1999 Surgeon General’s Report on Mental Health, up to one in five Americans will suffer mental health symptoms at any one time and nearly two-thirds of those may never seek treatment. Online therapy seeks to help close that gap. 

Teletherapy helps to increase access to care for clients in special circumstances. This includes but is not limited to clients with very busy schedules, clients who travel frequently, parents who need to be home with children, clients who may not wish to cancel an appointment, but unable to make it into the office because of cold or flu symptoms, clients who live in rural communities, clients who are unable to leave home due to chronic health issues, and clients who find that video-therapy allows them to open up in a deeper way. 

Let’s Talk Psychological Wellness, P.C., takes your security and privacy very seriously. We use luxsci.com, an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant video-call system (a more secure and private Skype) for teletherapy.