Do you and your partner constantly fight or argue?  Have the two of you grown apart over the years? Has cheating or infidelity led to a loss of trust or security in the relationship?  Are you feeling overwhelmed, lost, and unsure how to make things better?

We are here for you!  

Let’s Talk Psychological Wellness offers couples therapy for couples from all over New York City and beyond, and we would love to work with you.  We believe that every relationship deserves a second chance – and we want to help give you yours.  

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Do we need couples therapy?

Romantic relationships typically start off on a positive note – happy, intimate, and full of that “spark” and hope.

Yet, so many couples find themselves growing more and more distant.  Many couples find themselves feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and stuck.

Couples counseling helps people overcome some of the most common relationship problems:

  • Poor communication
  • Frequent conflict, fighting or arguing 
  • Infidelity, and Issues with trust
  • Feeling misunderstood by one another
  • Major life decisions
  • Family stress
  • Issues with sex and intimacy
  • Financial stress
  • Differences in beliefs
  • Difficulty with childrearing and fertility

If you and your partner are struggling with one or more of these issues, let us help.  Our team of expert couples therapists has helped so many relationships get back on track, and we would love to work with you.  

How can couples therapy help?

Couples therapy is different from traditional therapy – you and your partner meet together with a couples therapist to help you overcome whatever struggles your relationship is facing.  

Every healthy romantic relationship is founded on three things: trust, intimacy, and commitment.  

Trust intimacy and commitment

Trust is all about reliability and confidence in your partner.  Healthy partnerships have high levels of trust in one another, which makes the relationship feel secure, safe, and steady.  When the relationship experiences a violation of trust, such as an affair, the feelings of trust, security, and safety quickly disappear.  Couples therapy can help the two of you work through those sorts of challenging experiences.

Intimacy includes both physical and emotional closeness.  It is common for romantic relationships to struggle with physical and sexual intimacy – the relationship may lack the old “spark.”  Or, perhaps there are barriers to being vulnerable and open with one another. Therapy can provide insights into issues with intimacy and help couples discover a deeper connection with one another.

Commitment is the degree of dedication and investment each member of the relationship provides.  This may not necessarily mean marriage or legal partnership, but rather it is the intentional effort made to maintain the standards and expectations of the relationship.  Relationships that have low levels of commitment tend to feel shaky, uncertain, and “temporary.” This can lead to one or both partners acting in selfish or self-centered ways, such as cheating or underprioritizing the relationship.  Therapy is designed to help you overcome difficulties with commitment by engaging in difficult and open conversations about your goals as a couple.

Although trust, intimacy, and commitment are incredibly important, none of them tend to last without effective communication.  

Trust intimacy and commitment

Communication is at the heart of all relationships – which is why couples therapy is so incredibly effective. Couples therapists are able to observe patterns of communication, identify problems, and offer solutions to help you and your partner work well as a team.  

You and your partner deserve a chance at a happy, positive, healthy relationship.  We can help make that happen.  

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We work with adults from all over New York City and beyond. Our treatment services cover a range of issues, such as:

  • Therapy for Anxiety and Panic
  • Therapy for Relationship Issues
  • Therapy for Trauma and PTSD
  • Therapy for Depression
  • Therapy for Grief and Loss
  • Couple’s Counseling 
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Therapy for the LGBTQ+ Community

Would you like to learn more about usLet’s Talk Psychological Wellness was founded by Dr. Nathilee Caldeira and is home to a diverse team of outstanding licensed, experts and compassionate caregivers.  Our service providers also come from a wide variety of cultural, ethnic, gender, and sexual identities.  

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