Are you and your partner considering marriage, recently engaged, or about to start your life together?  Do either of you struggle with feelings of stress or worry about commitment? Have you had the chance to have difficult conversations, such as where to live, whether or not to have kids, or how to navigate family issues?  

If so, consider giving premarital counseling a try!

Let’s Talk Psychological Wellness offers premarital and couples counseling for couples from all over New York City and beyond.  You and your partner deserve the best chance at a happy and satisfying relationship, and we want to make that happen.  

If you are interested and ready to get started, contact us today.  To learn more about premarital counseling and how it can help, read on!

What is premarital counseling?

Premarital counseling (also called premarital therapy) is all about providing a safe haven to process, prepare, and be excited about your relationship.  

Premarital counseling offers a chance to start your commitment off on the right foot.  You and your partner meet together with a therapist to work towards your goals of developing a deeper understanding and using strong communication skills with each other.  Everything you share would be completely confidential, and the therapist helps keep the conversation balanced, fair, and full of compassion.  

In many ways, premarital counseling and couples counseling are quite similar.  Couples therapists tend to use the same process of identifying issues in your communication, missing one another’s needs, and other problems that create would distress in the relationship.  

Do we need premarital counseling?

If you are worried about the relationship, or if you simply want to make it stronger, premarital counseling is the right decision.  

Premarital counseling focuses on helping you solve problems in the relationship while also preparing you for success in the future.  First, we try to address preexisting problems before you begin the relationship.  

A few common issues that come up might include:

  • Worries about trust or commitment 
  • Expectations regarding sex and intimacy  
  • Ability to manage conflict effectively
  • Ability to manage and cope with stress
  • Financial health and decision making
  • Family dynamics 
  • Differences in religion or political views
  • Apprehension and worry regarding marriage 
  • Previous relationships or divorce
  • Major life decisions

If you and your partner are struggling with these sorts of issues, premarital counseling can help.  

If not, premarital counseling can still help solidify your bond and teach you essential skills for building a thriving marriage.

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How can premarital counseling help?

Many people experience stress when a marriage or committed partnership first starts out.  Too many relationships end up not working out, ending in divorce, or (much worse) turning into something toxic or abusive.  What once was a loving, exciting bond becomes unhealthy, stressful, and loveless.  

Here are a few common reasons why that happens:

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling provides the opportunity for issues like these to be addressed and potentially avoided altogether.  

You and your partner can learn to understand each other’s love language, express your needs, and build your strong and stable relationship house together.  In other words, the two of you can learn to work well as a team. Premarital counselors work hard to help your relationship become as sustainable and healthy as possible; that way, you will be better equipped to handle life’s future stressors.  

If you and your partner are interested in giving premarital counseling a try, contact us today!

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