The ink was still drying on your New Year’s resolutions when the first swath of red hit your local retailer. It left a bloody trail through the store, from the card aisle to the candy section, even to housewares. Valentine’s Day marketing had begun. If you’re not single, the so-called holiday is fraught with all its own pitfalls. But if you’re single, it’s like the entire world isn’t and they’re rubbing it in your face. You don’t have to take it sitting down! Here are four ways to get through this most commercial of days.

How Did Valentine’s Day Start?

Plenty of people think that once there was a St. Valentine, who did something saintly and full of hearts and voilà, had a day named after him. History isn’t quite that clear on the topic, however. There were potentially three different Valetines, but since they all had semi-romantic stories attached to them, it’s not clear which one we’re celebrating. The Middle Ages were dark, dreary, and deadly (bridal bouquets were originally herbs, not flowers, to fend off the plague!) and so people latched onto the saintly Valentine. The Pagans had a festival that didn’t survive the Pope’s decree of February 14th as St. Valentine’s Day. Fast-forward a few centuries and you’ve got the card/candy/jewelry debacle it’s become.

S.A.D. Survival Guide

If you find yourself wishing it it would all go away, try these tips instead.

Buy It for Yourself

There’s no rule that says flower (or candy or anything else, really) has to come from someone else. If you like flowers, get them for yourself! Though your budget may appreciate waiting a day or two after the 14th, as prices are pretty steep right now.

Go Out Anyway

Despite how the advertising may make you feel, you are not the only single person in the whole world. So go mix and mingle! Grab a friend and make a night of it.

Be a Valentine Friend

You’re probably not the only one feeling the pinch on Singles Awareness Day. Grab a handful of cards and those cheesy candy hearts and make your friend’s day!

Try Something New

Dinner reservations skyrocket that day and it might be tough to get into your favorite place. So branch out! Try that little hole in the wall you pass on the way to work. Or skip dinner altogether. Have you been thinking of taking a class? Going to a museum? Get that list of “I’d like to” activities out, dust it off and pick one.

There Are No Rules

Remember, just because the media is telling you that single is bad (or at least, heavily implying it), it’s not. We’re all at different places in our lives and sometimes that means we’re single. You need to do what’s right for you and not just in the middle of February, either. If you find yourself struggling with that, we’re here. Contact us today.