WellnessThink you can walk for 15 minutes? Then you can walk a mile, because it takes about that long to stroll that distance. Which means in an hour of walking you could probably cover at least four to five miles? So if you didn’t think you could walk five miles, think again.

Think also about the number of times you’ve walked around the mall or spent an hour on the dance floor moving from side to side (step by step), or bowling or just standing on the corner talking to your friend. In this context, five miles is nothing. Little steps add up to big miles.

It’s the same with change. Sometimes we are discouraged by the big changes we know are necessary, but that can also seem daunting. The truth is big changes can be achieved if you set and meet small goals. It’s about the one step at a time that adds up to one and then several miles. This is one of the things I enjoy most about my work, is working with clients to help them understand how to set the little goals that add up to that important, necessary change.

Connection. Confidence. Compassion. Let’s work together to achieve your goals.

To your Health and Wellness!