Let’s be honest. Even in the most ideal of times, relationships are work. Throw in inflation and an impending recession, well, the stress of it all makes things feel like they’ve gone from bad to worse. Maybe this year, you wanted to make a major career change. Or perhaps, there were some other big steps you and your partner were planning on that are taking a backseat, given how expensive everything’s gotten. 

Whether it’s been in small or big ways, everyone has felt the impacts of rising prices and tighter budgets with the looming recession. And we’re ready to recession-proof everything that’s in our control. Bump up the savings–check. Slow down the spending–check and check. But what about other factors in our life that will be impacted? How can you recession-proof your relationships? 

Get Honest About Your Finances

Regardless of how your lives are interlocked, being honest about the reality of your cash flow is important to your relationship. With the ever-rising cost of everything from groceries to household essentials, making sure you have enough money to cover your expenses is important. 

A recent survey shows that about 42% of Americans are struggling financially. Yes. Just about half of us. And if you’re one of the people who has been impacted, it’s nothing to be ashamed about. Save yourself the stress and negative impact on your relationship by having open, honest, and healthy communication with your partner about what your finances really look like. 

Talk About Your Goals Together

No matter what stage you’re at in your relationship, talking about what’s next for your future keeps you on the same page. With a recession looming, honestly communicating about the expectations you each have will avoid conflict later on. Not only should you talk about the goals you have for your life together, but talk together about each of your individual plans and aspirations.

Do you plan to buy a permanent residence together instead of renting? How about that extended vacation you’ve been putting off since Covid threw everything off track? Maybe you’ve been thinking about making a career change and just want to talk it out. No matter how big or small, talk about the goals you have for the future of your relationship together, as well as in your own life.

Take Stock of Your Current Situation 

Inflation and the impending recession didn’t just pop up overnight. And unfortunately, things aren’t going to go back to normal for some time either. So honest communication in your relationship is key to getting you through in the long run. After looking at your finances and communicating future plans, take a look at what can be adjusted in the here and now to ease your stress and anxiety. 

Are there subscriptions you can go without? How about trying date nights in, instead of going out? Spending time together doesn’t mean you have to be spending money. Take a look at your current situation, listing out needs versus wants, and then compare with your partner. You might be surprised to find they thought of things that slipped your mind, or this is a prime opportunity to practice compromising. 

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