Am I in a Sexless Marriage?

It’s a tough, but also common question.  According to research, sexual frequency among Americans has been decreasing since the late 1990s, especially among couples (married or living together). And the situation continues during the COVID-19 pandemic.  A 2020 edition of The American Family Survey suggests that spouses are having less sex.  The report shows a [...]


Managing External Stress During COVID-19

A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still experiencing soaring stress and grappling to find ways to cope. Shifting to working-from-home, facing layoffs or shutdowns, home-schooling children, and abiding by social distancing rules...  Topping it off with public health restrictions and vaccination rollouts - it all feels surreal. According to the latest APA Stress [...]


7 nuggets of knowledge every therapy client should consider

Naomi  Root, LMSW Have you ever wondered how therapists actually maintain confidentiality? Maybe you’ve heard of HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability Act. HIPAA is federal law, and it protects the privacy of your medical records and other personal health information. Your information belongs to you, and your therapist is required by law to maintain the [...]


3 Steps to Understanding Your Mental Health

Mary Olivia Verhulst “I usually don’t talk about my depression, or that part of my life. I don’t want to let it define me.” Symptoms that impede optimal mental health can feel like a debilitating, overwhelming battle, 24 hours of the day and 7 days of the week- but let’s not make the battle between [...]


8 Ways to Navigate Getting Mental Health Treatment Like a #Boss

Mary Olivia Verhulst Therapy can feel intimidating when you don’t know how to navigate the system. However, the feeling of hopelessness that individuals face who can’t find the right help because they don’t know which questions to ask, or where to go, is too common and needs to be addressed.  What’s going wrong, and what [...]


Invest in Therapy, Increase Your Income? A New Study Says So!

Mary Olivia Verhulst It's a common fact that if you invest your money wisely - you’ll become richer. But studies now show, this doesn't always mean investing in the stock market. Investing in your mental health can make you richer too! There are several mental, psychological and physical barriers that have been researched and explored [...]


5 Ways to Enjoy Self-Care Again

Mary Olivia Verhulst Self-care is trending. Everyday there’s a new “change your life” technique involving organic face masks, bath salts, or a massage. In fact, it has become so trendy, it’s integrated itself into everyday conversation, and standard morning and evening routines for so many individuals. This is a great thing, ideally- but people are [...]


5 Steps to Eliminate the ‘Should’s’

By Mary Olivia Verhulst Have you found yourself thinking, “I should have a job already, I can’t believe it’s taking this long,” or “Everyone else around me has a partner. I should have found someone by now” or “I should be able to get on a plane without being afraid.”? In the world of psychology and [...]


5 Ways to Set Boundaries in Relationships

By Mary Olivia Verhulst What are Boundaries The concept of ‘setting boundaries’ seems controversial for many- but it is essential for all. Often when setting boundaries with a loved one, this conversation with friends or patients can be greeted with a sense of burden or fear. This makes boundary setting feel impossible - to take [...]

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